Graduate Profiles

Bachelor in Nutrition Health has three main graduate profiles, generally known as a nutritionist:

  1. Nutrition care provider
    The role of nutrition care provider includes nutrition screening, assessment, diagnosis, intervention, as well as monitoring and evaluation of the devised treatment. In addition to performing nutrition care process to the clients, nutrition care provider is also responsible for nutrition promotion, education, counseling, documentation, and reporting.
  1. Food service manager
    A food service manager tasks include food and supplies procurement, preparation, processing, distribution, consumption as well as monitoring and evaluation. He/she is responsible in dealing with resource management (work force, finance, machines, and infrastructure). Ascertaining the quality and safety of the meals provided at hospitals, restaurants, athlete training centers, dormitories, catering and schools are within the responsibilities of a food service manager.
  1. Community nutrition program manager
    The role of a nutrition program manager includes program planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. He/she will play an important role in nutrition promotion, disease prevention, and treatment at the community level and also work closely with various stakeholders such as the government, industries/private sectors, civil society organizations, and research institutes to advocate better nutrition for the general population.