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Head of Department of Nutrition and HealthThe Undergraduate School of Nutrition and Health aims to educate nutritionists and dietitians as well as future leaders in the field of nutrition.  The education system in this school is mainly focused on development of nutrition and dietetic practice with three main competencies: clinical nutrition, community nutrition and food service management. We are grateful that this school is an integral part of Faculty of Medicine which allows our students to learn and collaborate with students from School of Medicine and School of Nursing. This collaboration is a unique feature of our school.

Nutrition is a branch of science that is composed by many disciplines. The multidiscipline characteristic is reflected by the background of lecturers who are teaching in our school. Besides dietitians, we also have medical doctors, epidemiologists and food scientists working as in house lecturers. Half of our in house lecturers are graduated from respected universities in the world, giving advantage on educational process as well as international collaboration.
We hope in the upcoming year we can provide education not only for Indonesian students but also from students from all over the world.

Dr. Toto Sudargo, SKM, M.Kes
Head of Department of Nutrition and Health
Faculty of Medicine
Universitas Gadjah Mada