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Dian Caturini, M.Sc

lectdiancDian Caturini, M.Sc is an instructor at the Department of Health Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Graduated from University of British Columbia, Canada, she develops a research interest on the role of nutrition on metabolic disease.

Currently she is continuing her research on the role of vitamin D on metabolic disease in obese adolescents.


Ongoing Researches (2014-2015):

  1. Plasma IL-17 level and hypertension in obese adolescents.
  2. Relationship between leptin, central obesity and neck circumference in obese adolescent males.
  3. The relationship between metilation on promoter gene TNF-α on hypertension in adolescents with obesity
  4. The relationship between vitamin D status and central obesity, fasting blood glucose and blood pressure in obese male adolescents
  5. The relationship between vitamin D status and nasopharing carcinoma in Yogyakarta
  6. The effect of vitamin D supplementation on metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors in obese adolescents.

Publication :

Contact :

Email : dian.csulis@gmail.com