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Call for Summer Course 2016

2016 Interprofessional Health Care Summer Course Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada (FK UGM) is a collaborative program between FK UGM and the UGM Vocational School – Diploma of Midwifery. A hallmark of summer course is the integration of a flagship program at FK UGM so called elective course. It comprises of clinical elective,  community elective in public health, community nutrition, community nursing and midwifery. Summer course is aimed at leveraging joint elective in a multicultural atmosphere involving international and UGM students to get best practices in a wide range of multi disciplines in medicine and health sciences.

more information on http://iro.fk.ugm.ac.id/page-call-for-summer-course-2016.html

19Summer Course Poster 2016

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